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Maret 7, 2008
Anak ayam turun sepuluh
Mati satu tinggal sembilan
 Tuntutlah ilmu dengan sungguh-sungguh
 Supaya engkau tidak ketinggalan

Anak ayam turun sembilan
Mati satu tinggal delapan
 Ilmu boleh sedikit ketinggalan
 Tapi jangan sampai putus harapan




Maret 7, 2008


With you, it’s all about voiceless communication-
always knowing exactly what to say,                                love-cartoon.jpg
but never actually having to say it.

When no one seems to be listening,
you hear.
When I hurt but don’t show it,
you know.
When I turn away to hide my tears,
you see.
When I feel like I can’t get through to anyone,
you understand.

Your eyes glow just for me,
and I know you’re proud.
You flash your magical, healing smile my way,
and I know everything will be all right.

You know everything there is to know about me.
You know what worries me,
what keeps me up at night,
and what shames me so badly
that I can’t share it with anyone.

Most importantly, though,                                        

none of those things bother you.

You’ve restored my faith in people
and proved that there is a thing

called true friendship.